UI Designer for Hire

Thatsa me

I design products that help people do better for themselves, their community, or the world.


A bicycle for our mind.

I want to use technology to help us reach our greatest potential by making information accessible.

Cute tarot cards

Kawaii Tarot, a personal project. I built an iOS app to go with the cards!

I love what I do. I started teaching myself design & code as a kid and just never stopped.

The Work

I tend to design SaaS web apps and marketing websites. I code and lend a hand in brand systems as well.


I designed the website, iOS, Android, Roku, and Xbox UIs. I also designed the brand system, and logo for premium subscription subset of the brand. Visit →


I designed the marketing website and interactive gameplay screens as well as developing the front-end. I animated the logo too. Visit →


I rebranded, redesigned, and developed the website for Sogro. After the redesign, they raised their prices 33% and saw a 150% increase in conversion rate. Visit →


For Katacoda, I designed the desktop and mobile experiences which included marketing pages and interactive screens. Visit →


Let’s design & build together maybe.

Remotely or in LA. Fingers crossed.

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