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I help online entrepreneurs set up their business for success with market/user research, UX and visual design, and web & mobile development. I design and develop websites and apps that delight through usability, interaction, and thoughtfulness. With a collaborative design process, I help companies become who they want to be.


SavvyRoo Web Design, Front-end Development


Sogro Web & Brand Design, WordPress Development


Kawaii Tarot Design, iOS & Android Development

Kawaii Tarot

Katacoda Web Design, Web App Design


Simple Choice Realty Web Design, WordPress Development



Phil Teixeira SOSCasino

I would definitely recommend Diana to anyone who wants outstanding websites and I can't wait to team up with her again in the future. Thanks for making my website dream come true Diana, you're the best!

Ben Hall Katacoda

I really enjoyed working with you. Your design skills are amazing and I'm very pleased with the results. The initial set of changes are on the site and we've seen a great response in terms of metrics.

Noah Blumenthal SavvyRoo

Creative. Fast. Committed. She felt like a true member of our team. Can’t wait to work with Diana on our next project.

Aaron Irmas Sogro

The site overall has been amazing—my monthly recurring revenue has gone up significantly since we started due to the conversion rate and price increase.


Freelance Web Designer

Diana Lopez Designer & Developer

Hi, my name is Diana and I’m a UI/UX designer & developer living in Southern California. I focus on designing engaging and accessible online experiences with emotional design baked in.

I’ve worked with startups, agencies, and other companies in different capacities to improve brand and website performance for 6 years.I freelance full-time as of 2015.

Thanks for stopping by. If there’s something I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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