Simple Choice Realty

Simple Choice Realty is a listing service based in Pennsylvania, run by Chris. Chris felt that the original website was outdated, and he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. We partnered together for a complete visual design overhaul, and as a result, Chris’s sales increased by 25%.

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Sogro is a marketing service based in California, owned by Aaron. Aaron’s website was dragging him down, so we partnered on a redesign. He felt so confident with the new branding that he raised his prices by 33%, and he also saw a 150% increase in the conversion rate.

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SOS Casino

SOS Casino is a network of online casino portals. Their leadership team was looking for a friendly redesign, in a platform that could be easily updated by multiple editors. The results exceeded the leadership’s expectations, and the CEO now refers to the website as a “feature-rich powerhouse” for him and his team.

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