Typing hacks for coding faster.

Some tips I have for coding most efficiently.

I’m known for being a fast typer (and talker and thinker…) so I thought I’d share some tips I have for coding most efficiently. You may know some of these already, but maybe there’ll be one you don’t.

Use a clipboard manager.

A clipboard manager is something that keeps your past copy & pastes in a handy spot. This is what mine looks like in my Macbook Pro’s status bar.

I use Jumpcut but you may want to research more into the different options.

Option key ‼️

This is my favorite thing. I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge. You can normally backspace and jump around ONE ☝🏼 character with your arrow keys right? Try out holding the option key at the same time. You can backspace and jump around whole-ass STRINGS.

Double-click to highlight.

Remember you can double-click to highlight! That means you can double-click and hit backspace or paste and it replaces the whole you thing you double-clicked.

Copy a whole line.

You’ll want to see what your code editor uses for a shortcut here, but if you learn to copy a whole line, you can move much faster.

Duplicate a whole line.

Same thing with duplicating.

Learn your IDE’s keyboard shortcuts.

In fact, just learn all your code editor’s shortcuts. Ideally you’ll never need the mouse while you’re coding. Go to the Edit menu one day and just try them all out, superstar.

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