No, manifesting does not involve taking action.

“Just manifesting is not enough! You can’t just think about it. You have to get off your butt and take action too.”

Something I’ve heard at 3 least separate people say is, “Just manifesting is not enough! You can’t just think about it. You have to get off your butt and take action too.”

It’s a good sentiment, right? Feels very natural. Washes over you and it feels like nothing—I don’t mean that in a bad way, just that it feels intrinsically logical like there’s nothing to dispute.

Well, here I go disputing it. This sentiment feels like refreshing air because it’s the belief society is built around. It’s nothing new, and it’s nothing insightful. It’s familiar, it’s old, and it doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t mean to talk down to anyone! But I think if you have this sentiment, you don’t really get manifesting yet. Again, I’m not trying to talk down. Do you, but if you’re manifesting this way, you’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

I’m not telling what to do or what not to do. But I want to share what I consider deliberate manifestation. It doesn’t involve “taking action.”

So check this: there is active energy and passive energy.

The air is active. The ocean is passive.

War is active. Patiently and quietly waiting for a hurt animal you want to help to approach you is passive energy.

Taking action is active energy, while manifestation is tapping into passive energy.

Manifesting should not feel “difficult” at any point. If it feels difficult… why are you doing it? Wasn’t the point to get into the flow of things? Worry less? Receive what was intended for you? Right, right, right?

Grabbing is active. Receiving is passive.

If we go back to the “you can’t just think about it” idea—thinking is active. Feeling is passive.

The first step is checking in with yourself.

If you want to manifest, say, a new house… well, you’ve already done step 1. Desire is the first step. When your desire is locked in with no inner conflict (which causes self-sabotage on every level, you better believe it) you’ve done something BIG and I mean BIG. The Universe will start moving things around to fit your desire.

But what I mentioned about inner conflict is going to be, of course, inner work. This is not the “take action” the original claim made. What they would tell you is, “You have to start looking up houses, saving money, make an appointment with your banker,” etc. What I’m telling you is first you need to make sure the idea feels good. If it doesn’t, either it’s the wrong idea or you need to release some conflict.

Dealing with inner conflict.

By conflict, it could be feelings like, “I don’t deserve a new house” or “no one in my family has ever owned a house, so who do I think I am?” Until you confront and heal those feelings, NOOOOOO amount of taking action will get you closer to your goal. You’ll find none of your efforts seem to add up, and your timing will be just a little off.

There are a million and one ways you can deal with inner conflict. One of my favorites is talking to the conflict. Literally ask it about itself and have a patient conversation. Or, you can think back to when you first formed that belief, and challenge the story you formed because of that event. Make up a new story.

Open up your senses.

The next step is opening up. Once you decide you definitely want what you want, just listen. Look for signs that point you to where you want to be. Take note of anything you suddenly feel compelled to do. You don’t have to take action on them yet. Simply let these feelings wash over you and affect what you’re already doing. Maybe you’ll do laundry early this week. Maybe a puppy suddenly feels right. You could make the calendar you’ve been meaning to buy a puppy calendar.

The point is to start saturating yourself in the life you want, which will start making its way to you! You don’t have to reach out and grab anything. What is meant to be yours (and you know it is, because it is yours in your heart) will find you.

What you seek is seeking you.


Write or feel what your goal is.

Writing or feeling (by which I mean just feeling good thinking about your goal—fantasize about your future days) makes your desire stronger. The most important ingredient of manifestation is what you want. Because you will always get what you want. Desire is 90% of manifestation. In my opinion, you can write however you want. Future tense, present tense, avoiding negatives, etc is all pedantry. The Universe will hear however you want to say it. I just caution you, again, against communicating inner conflict to the Universe.

Compulsions are gold. Inspired action beats what you had planned.

At some point you will feel compelled to do something so strongly, and you will have a feeling it’s related to your goal somehow. If you can’t shake off the feeling, that’ll be the right external action for you. But it could be something you didn’t expect! Like, visiting your grandma or getting a different flavor of ice cream.

What if you change your mind?

While you’re doing your desire and feeling thing, you may find your goals changing. Maybe you didn’t really want a new house and you just wanted a bigger space to decorate. That’ll become clearer with time. The purpose of this moving target is for the Universe to get you what:

  1. You really want.
  2. You think you are capable of having.
  3. You can imagine.

Follow the flow. This is manifestation.

P.S. By the way, I’m a firm believer in throwing everything at a problem. Fuck dogmatism. Try this approach and try taking action like society says you should, at the same time even, and maybe a third thing. Find what works for you.

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